Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Riding a bike

Ann can finally pedal a bike. This is a big deal for her. I am sure you could hear her all over the store, she was so excited. She was so loud they probably turned the security camera our way to see what was going on. This is a big accomplishment for her. It has been very hard for her with her low muscle tone and we have been working on this for years. Her therapist have worked on this skill for awhile, without any progress until now. She could not wait to tell her therapist this week. She told them as soon as she seen them. Looks like we will have to buy her a bike.

They have a yearly program out here called "lose the training wheels". She will be to young for it this year. We will have to work on it for next summer.

One of the next goals the therapist wants to focus on his swinging. She can't figure out how the kids on the playgrounds swing on a swing. She just can't seem to pump her legs. I am so excited for Ann being able to pedal a bike and I know that one day it will be the swings.

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  1. We need to teach our kids how to ride a bike.



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