Thursday, June 11, 2009


It's that time of the year again-planning next year's school year. I almost feel overwhelmed with my stack of books. I finally got the last one in the mail yesterday. I was actually able to get a lot of my books this year at our homeschool used book sale and it really cut my cost at the convention. I was able to splurge on some wish items because of it. I was much more organized with buying and even had a list. That wisdom must come with time and having been to a few used book sales and conventions and then getting home and wondering why did I get this? Of course, much prayer was done in choosing this year. Last year was a good school year overall. I think the Sonlight curriculum was a good fit for Bug. Here it is:

Sonlight- Introduction to World History-which is my main curriculum.

First Language Lessons-for supplemented Sonlight Language Art.

Mystery of History Volume I-Creation to Resurrection- I love it and have already been planning it for next year.

Handwriting without tears-I really struggled buying this one because I am not so fond of the writing style. Since, Bug has such a hard time writing with her low muscle tone and motor skills it will work good for her. Her occupational therapist recommended it strongly and alot of prayer went into it.

Math U See-This will be are second year and I have seen such an improvement in her mastery of skills. We both love it.

Horizon math-As much as I love MUS, Bug is lost in some areas and I feel this will fill in the gap for her. I am going to pick and choose assignments in it and it will be a secondary math program.

All About Spelling, with the Beehive reader- A multi-sensory approach to spelling and truly an answered pray. I was debating on adding it to my budget last year and asked the Lord for wisdom. The next day I opened my e mail and found out I won the program. Wouldn't you agree that was an answered prayer. I love the program.

Cantering the Country- US geography, science, civics and history, which I will spread out over 2 years.

A child's geography-Neat hands on book.(got in new at the used book sale for $2.00) I will integrate it into some of the other curriculum. My kids are crazy about maps and geography. I will not start this right away until I see how the other areas go.

God's design for life science-plants, human body, and animal series.

Considering God's creation science-which is for using with Cantering the country. (I got it for next to nothing used)

Health Alpha Omega-Second year using this workbook. I am OK with this textbook, it works for the purpose we need it for. It's not my favorite. We have gotten creative with it.

Artistic pursuit-Our second year using this art book. We all love it.

Hebrew-Bug does with Dad in the evening when he is studying his. She is pretty good at it.

Prima Latina- Introduction to Christian Latin, Bug loves languages and is asking for more. I will see how it works. It looks like it will be a good fit. (complete set new at used book sale for $40.00, sales for $90.00) I will also hold off on starting this one for awhile

Of course I have phonics in all of this. It sounds like a lot. I am not a harsh task master. I like to make things fun and hands on. Honestly it will only take 2 to 2 1/2 hours a day-4 days a week. Monday is a long day at the hospital for therapy's and Friday we have speech therapy early in the morning. Tuesday we do Physical education at a homeschool PE organization. No wonder I am always so tired.

I can't forget Little Man and Sierra(she is a girl I babysit) I will start on the Rod & Staff workbooks a little this year. They like to sit with Bug during school and learn anyways. Of course learning ABC and counting. Sierra has learned hers last year with Bug and is so smart. Little Man for some crazy reason hates sitting for anything to do with ABC's and counting and runs off. Go figure.

As you can see I am a little eclectic in our school. I just need to finish up the new shelves in the classroom, organize after last year. I will also put together the workbox system. Which will be tweaked for our needs.
I am thankful for all the discounts I was able to find this year and most of all I am thankful to my Lord and Savior for being able to educate my children at home. He is so faithful in providing all our needs to do it.

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