Sunday, June 7, 2009

Torah Scroll

We attend a Messianic congregation. Our synagogue received as a gift, an actual Torah Scroll from another congregation that has closed it's doors in Oregon. It is a beautiful scroll. It is from Turkey and around 400 to 600 years old. The writing is on deer skin. You can't touch the actual scroll itself because of the oil from your skin will make holes on the skin. You have to use a pointer to touch it. It's called an od( I am sure I am spelling it wrong but, it means hand in Hebrew) The Rabbi walked around the congregation on Friday with the velvet covering on it to show it to everyone. Little Man jumped out of my arms and into Dad's arms so he could touch the scroll (the covering) His face just lit up. I guess Dad had told him about the scroll before hand. He told me later that he touched The Word of God, a very big bible. He was so excited about it.

It's amazing that something so old and so fragile looking is still around. It would be interersting to know where it has all been. They are unsure of all of it's history. It has lasted through both Wars and who knows what eles. I just love anything to do with history. Can you just imagine the Rabbi that wrote each and every word by hand from Genesis to Deuteronomy. Everytime he came to writing Gods name he would change his outfit, cleanse himself and use a new pen everytime. It had to take years to complete it.

I just thank God for the little things in this life. My son's excitement with the scroll and for it to have such an impact on his little heart. Just presearving His Word on the scroll is amazing.

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