Monday, June 1, 2009


Wow, where does all the time go? I have been meaning to do a post and just have not had the time. I have been so busy finishing up school, homeschool convention and daycare.

We finished our main school work for the year 2 weeks ago. This week we are going to start-summer school. We will just work on Reading, writing and math (review and shorter lessons). I will also plan some fun lapbooks with bugs, bubbles, birds and just whatever we run across.

I wanted to take a 2 week break to get adjusted to the baby. I watch 2 girls. I have watched Sierra since she was 7 wks old, she is now 3 1/2. Now I have her 9 wk old sister. It is amazing how such a little thing can keep you so busy. How you forget-they grow up so fast.

My son and Sierra act like twins, they are so close to each other. Little Man was a wreck when Sierra was not here as much during mom's maternity leave. He would cry for her. Now he is almost happy. I sometimes think they can read each other thoughts. They plan all kinds of mischief without words.

Little Man and Sierra usually sit in the school room and color, do puzzles, games, some basic school or they play in the play area. I will have to get use to having a baby around again. Little Man is a little jealous at times and has been acting up. He wants me to put the baby down so I can hold him-its to cute. Sierra is jealous of Bug and Little Man paying so much attention to Jenna. Never a dull moment.

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