Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Little Man

Little Man is growing up so quick. It's hard to believe he will be four in a few month. We have had a hard time potty training him. I think Bug still being in diapers was one of the reasons. He had also mentioned that he didn't want to grow up. That being said, a few weeks back Daddy wanted to reward him for being so good with his potty training and offered to take him to the big toy store to buy something for him. Not Walmart but Toys R US. Which around here is a big treat. He asked Little Man what he wanted he told Daddy, "I want a wallet, watch and a belt" We just happened to have one of Jeff's old wallets around and we are still need to get the watch.We bought a belt at Walmart. Walmart does not carry kids watches anymore!
Last week Jeff wanted to take him somewhere to reward him again for sitting for 2 1/2hours at Torah study. Which is a big issue we have with Bug, who trying to make her sit still for 5 minutes is pure torture for her and when he is with her he follows her example. We thought that we would have Jeff take him to the study alone to work on sitting outside of the home. I was so happy that he sat still. Its so hard with Bug trying to train Little man in certain areas. He asked for a tie! Mind you Jeff does not wear a tie to church to often except when he teaches. We have been so surprised at his choices. We thought he would want a toy. I guess now he is ready to pretend to be a grown up. He walks around now with keys in his pocket, a wallet that is to big for him stuffed in his pants because it won't fit in his pocket. He had to put real money inside of it also. Now he has a tie that he wants to wear with a t-shirt. He puts on his fake watch. Its so funny watching him. Except last night he informed me that he still needs a real watch. I love watching the kids explore the world. It will be interesting to see what his next request will be.

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