Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sad news

There is a word in any language that is the most dreaded, it doesn't matter how old or young you are. Cancer or leukemia. It makes your heart stop. Even with the hope of our Lord and Savior it is still such a word that can bring tears, worry and even fear.

Late last night, we received a call from a friend who is like a daughter to us. When we lived in Colorado her and her children lived with us for a few years until she got married. Over the last year we lost contact. She moved and lost our number and we haven't talked for awhile. A few days ago the Lord put a heavy burden on my heart to try and find her. The Lord reminded me of where she had just started to work and the details of the department. When I called I was only able to leave a message. In Gods great plan-yesterday her boss asked her to put a message on her phone to forward all messages until further notice. She wouldn't of got the message if I would of called the day before or even after today. God's timing is always perfect.

They just found out a few days ago that Andrue their 5 year old son has Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. If I understood correctly his leukemia has not gone to the bone marrow or in the spinal fluid. I guess with him being a boy he will have 3 years of treatment. I don't know Andrue the way I do the other kids-this son being a result of her marriage. I know that the other kids are having a hard time.

This is any mom's worst fear. Having to see your baby suffer and having to go through the pain of the chemotherapy and the other things he will have to endure. When is able to go home they where told for 6 months he will be pretty much isolated from other kids because his immune system will be very weak.

When I got off the phone last night I just wanted to wake up my kids and go and hug, hold and kiss them. I know when they wake up I am going to hold them that much more. Then I tossed and turned in bed praying and my mind racing. I thought of how busy I have been this summer putting together the school year and how much time I have missed playing with my kids. Not that planning out the school year is bad. I haven't sat down with them as much as I normally do. It made me examine my time. In the end what matters the most-the heart. At our homeschool convention this year we had a speaker and the name of the workshop was "In the end what matters the most is the heart" her 6 year old daughter died. To me what is more important is my children's heart. I want them to have a tender heart. One that listens to Yeshua. I choose to homeschool so I could nurture them and spend time with them. I would rather their heart condition be in order than the math facts. So, now I see that though all of Bug's obsessions of wanting me look at every bug and bird this last week that I have blown her off. All she wanted to show me was a silly bug or bird. That is the same thing she shows me everyday for the last few years. Its important to her and I took her joy away from not being interested in EVERY one. Little Man wanting me to sit down and play with him. It's not that I haven't played with them its how much I have and also my heart. My mind was more preoccupied with curriculum than my children's joy and heart.

Stop what you are doing and go and give your children a nice long hug and kiss. Life is so precious. We have been given a wonder gift in our children and they are on loan from God. We don't know how long we have them in our care. Its so easy to get sidetracked in this life. My heart goes out to this family that during this time that the Lord will draw them closer to Him and to each other. That He will help them to cope during this difficult time.

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