30 September 2009


We have been growing beans in science this year. Bug is learning about what a seed needs to grow. We have glass jars all over our kitchen. Five jars in all, no make that six we just started a corn seed jar yesterday. Two of them are in the refrigerator.

Bug is very much enjoying watching the seeds sprout. Did I say very much! So much so that I have to admit that it is driving Jeff and me a little stir crazy. At least once or even twice an hour or even more- we have to look at it. It starts when she wakes up until she goes to bed. She is obsessive with the plants. Here in a few day we will plant them in the soil. They will still be in the house since it is starting to get colder outside.

Don't get me wrong I am so glad that she is this excited about her science experiment. I will continue to grow other things even after having to look at the plants all day long.

Last week, we dissecting bean and corn seeds. I think every time I soak beans to cook them we will have to open up some of them with Bug. She begs me everyday to soak a few so she can open them up and to see the baby's inside of the seed.

Little man and Sierra think the plants are going to grow into giant bean stalks to climb up to get the the castle up in the sky. Except this story has a monster in it and they have to keep him up in the castle so he won't climb down into the house. Such imagination.

I continue to act very excited every time Bug shows me the plants. Jeff even gets a silly excited with her. I will be very excited when they are gone. Sigh, I know that sounds horrid.


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