21 September 2009

School days

I think we are finally getting into our school schedule. I just started Little man and Sierra last week also. Sierra has been demanded to do school. I wish my kids had her zeal. I had to laugh at her demanding to start school. She just loves to sit with Bug and listen. Much to Little mans dismay. He trys to pull her out of the classroom to play and he ends up crying when she refusing to go. What am I ever going to do next year when she goes to public school. Little man will be so lost without her.
Bug is still doing good with the workboxes. She gets so excited when she sees the games and crafts that are in the drawers. Major motivation to complete her school work.
We are loving the Hand on History for Core 1 that goes with Sonlight. It is from Handle from the Arts. I hope they make some for the next Cores. We did a cave painting and made a Masai beaded necklace from East Africa out of beans and noddles and all kinds of odds and ends. Then we did an Aboriginal bark painting.
This week we will be making a cuneiform tablet with Mystery of History. I am so glad that I spent the summer preparing everything. It has truly made life easier and much funner for the kids.
Her reading is coming along with the longer stories. I was a bit worried how she would hold up. She has asked me to tag read some. Which, I am okay with. I just point out what I will read and how much when she asks. She doesn't ask me to do it with every story. Yea, for Bug I am so proud of her.
Last Friday we we did and Art/History class with our homeschool support group. I wasn't sure how Bug would do with sitting an hour and half with 18 kids all her age. She did so good. Julie did such a good job with George Washington and presenting the images. Bug remembered so much of it. She told me all about it on the way home. We are using the "Picture of America for the National Endowment of Arts", that 3 of us won the grant. I am one of the three who won the grant. I can't believe the quality of the prints and how large the pictures are. The teachers book is also amazing. I am glad that I was able to see how someone else did it for the first class. Next month, I will be doing Paul Revere. That's bad-I know. I just like to see how others do things first and then build on it and take what works and throw out what doesn't work.
We have another busy week with appointments and field trips. Its been hard to post lately these last few weeks. I thought I would try and get a few things out while they are fresh on my mind.


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