Monday, September 21, 2009


We attend a Messianic Synagogue and someone made the kids a shofar out of a ram's horn. The kid's were so excited to have their very own shofar. Little man yelled, "Mommy, this is the sound we will hear when Jesus comes to take us home from the east."
It took me awhile to actually figure out to blow it. Little man can get a small sound out of it. Bug just doesn't quite understand how to make it sound. She has her own way to do it. She puts it up by her mouth and makes the sound with her voice. Its too cute.
Little man is very passionate about it. I am surprised he didn't want to sleep with it. Which he does with new things. So instead he tried to hide it in my dresser to protect it from others using it.
During the Feast of Trumpets he wore his kippot proudly and took the shofar to services that night. He wanted to wear a suit with a white shirt.
He was so amazed at all the shofars blowing that night. I don't think I have ever heard so many shofars at once. It was a beautiful sound. My kids just loved the whole night. I think it will be a night they will remember for a long time. Having their very own shofar was a big plus.

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