Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Learning the basics

This is not a new concept for the little ones learning their letters, numbers and other skills. There are a lot of different programs out on the web and even books you can buy. This is just my version of how I am teaching Little man and Sierra. I also used this concept with Bug, it just was not as well organized. With her we just kinda picked something for that week and went from there. I had nothing hung up as a visual for her to see all week. With Little man and Sierra we will also have coloring sheets and activities that go along with that week. I am also doing some Rod and Staff workbooks with them. Everything came from the dollar store, except the flashcards which I already had. I really like the pockets for the cards. They are the perfect size for the flashcards and Little man likes to pull them out throughout the day and look at them. So, it makes many teaching moments. Which with Little man I need many because, he doesn't want to sit for long.

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