Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our heavenly home

I love listening to my children's conversation with each other. After a long afternoon of running errands Little man said, "bug look we are almost home! I am so happy, at last we can just be home and play all night." Bug, was very serious and said, "this is not our real home. You see this is just a temporary home. The real home is in heaven with Jesus. He gave us this home to live in now. In heaven it will be no more tears, hurts and the place will be sparkled clean and shiny like mom's ring and Jesus will take care of us." Little man yelled, "that means I will not have to pick up my toys no more because, Jesus will clean it all up!"

I had to laugh out loud! You got to love it. Only from the mouth of a child can that sound so adorable. I love the fact that bug recognizes that our home is going to be with the Lord some day and that she is teaching her brother some of the things that she has learned. So, I told Little man when we came inside that everything that we own is going to stay here and toys are not going to be something we are going to be to concerned about. He was not so keen on that idea.

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