Thursday, November 19, 2009

Spelling and Dyslexia

This is a very good article that is in the monthly newsletter that All About Spelling publishes. It interviews Diane Allen ,who is a homeschool mom and an educational testing expert.

I can relate to this article with my daughter. She has a hard time remembering the letters and sound relationship. Bug knows her phonemes extremely well. Putting them together to read is a task for her. I am so glad that in the beginning of my homeschool journey I was introduced to the Orthon Gillingham philosophy of teaching phonics. I don't have to go back and reteach her something new. Which is a plus for me with All About Spelling with the teaching of the letter sounds. They use the same philosophy. I know that it has worked well with Bug. Bug is pretty advanced in her phonemes knowledge overall. She just has such a hard time pronouncing the sounds clearly and accurately with her speech issues. She can recognize the sounds, she just can't say them well.

At the end of last year I had Bug tested by an educational specialist and the results showed that Bug has a hard time with sequencing, letter and sound relationship and other issues. Which all of this was hindering the way she decodes words to read. Her cognitive impairments are considered severe.

It was recommended that I approach Bug's education learning the same way you would with a child who has Dyslexia. A lot of Bug's disabilities are of a neurological nature. Which, if you are not aware Dyslexia is considered neurological. Here is an article on "What is Dyslexia" I was informed that Bug has several symptoms of Dyslexia but because of her age and medical issues it is hard to say at this time. When I read the symptoms of Dyslexia I see Bug in so much of it.

I know that bug is learning so well with the Multi-sensory approach and its just not spelling that I have been using this approach. All About Spelling is one curriculum that I know will not get shelved! Unfortunately, I already have a few curriculum's that are collecting dust. I feel confidant with AAS to say that this is one area in the academics that I don't have to worry about and I won't have to second guess myself if this is the right choice. I love the fact that AAS works on mastery of the spelling skills, which in turn will help her with reading. It has already built up Bug's confidence with her own abilities.

All About Spelling was truly an answered prayer-you can read about it on an earlier post. She is doing so good with her spelling. Her reading has been a complete turn around from all the tears from last year (on both ends). I agree with Diane Allen that this is just not a spelling program-it is also a reading program. The only thing I would add to her article is that this is also a wonderful phonics program! Bug still gets excited every time she pulls out her AAS book from her workbox drawers. She says, "Mom get the white board out!" Trust me not every subject is such a happy one with her.

I do have one problem with AAS. Little man wants, to "play spelling with Bug" So he can be a little distracting. Now, I give him his own mini-white board with a few tiles on it to practice his ABC's. He gets to excited. I may have to work with him alone with the board!

I thought this was a good article to share with others who may be struggling in this area. May the Lord richly bless you as He has me with this article. Blessings

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