Friday, January 22, 2010

Chocolate chips

I think I just bribed Bug yesterday with chocolate chips! Guess what- it worked! I have been having a heck of a time getting her to count money. She knows the value of each coin. We have played grocery store, I bought books from Scholastic about money, worksheets and all kinds of things. Sigh, I was starting to wonder if she would ever get it.

She loves chocolate chips as much as Daddy does. I buy chocolate chips to make cookies and they disappear before I can even get to it. Daddy likes to eat them the most!
Yesterday, I grabbed a bag before they vanished. I told Bug you can buy this chip from me for such and such cents. She did it. If she messed up she insisted on trying again. Then I used it for addition facts. She got a chip for each correct answer. I think I am going to like this game. Bug has to have 2 chips together before she can eat it-its like OCD. She doesn't function unless things are in two's with certain items.

I know it's nothing to bizarre with the candy thing. I have heard others using M&M's and skittles. It just makes me laugh that a chocolate chip has that much power! I even did our Math U See clock yesterday using the chips.

If you have had a hard time having your child learn the value of each coin try this:
I take a penny and sing "penny, Lincoln, 1 cent" tapping the penny on each verse. "penny (tap),Lincoln (tap), 1 cent (tap) I have her do it 5 to 10 times depending on her tolerance for the day.
For the nickel we sing "nickel, Jefferson, 5 cents.
Dime we sing "dime, Roosevelt, 10 cents.
Quarter we sing " quarter, Washington, 25 cents.
Don't know if it is something that might work for your kiddos but it sure did a very quick job with Bug learning the value of each coin. Maybe I should of used the chips!!!!

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