Friday, April 30, 2010

First Language Lessons Lapbook/Mini office

This year Bug did First Language Lessons as a lapbook. Here is our cover page.

This is the whole lapbook folded out.
Bug worked on remembering poems, definitions of nouns, pronouns and verbs. She practiced writing her name and all kinds of activities for language arts.
I got this mini All About me book from Enchanted Learning.

This portion we worked days of the week, months, her birthday, writing dates, seasons, sentence types, abbreviations, capitalizing and copy work.

Action verbs pocket holder for the cards.

Action verb cards. Bug had alot of fun with this part of the lapbook. She can name verbs in a sentence easily.
Bug practiced her pronouns and the correct sentence usage.

We learned about abbreviations of states, roads, learned about capitalizing states, titles of respect, writing her families full names, addresses, phone numbers and a few other things.
My stories-I wrote up some of her stories while she was telling me about them. Some of them she wrote herself.

First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind (Vol. Level 1) (First Language Lessons)

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