Monday, June 28, 2010

Ladybug Lapbook

 This summer we have been learning about Ladybugs and have been observing the life cycle of the ladybugs with Ladybug land by Insect Lore. It has been so much fun watching them change. At this time our ladybugs are in the pupa stage. The kids can't wait to see them come out pale yellow and then turn to red! We also have a butterfly garden going, but that is for another post.
Bug and Little Man really enjoyed this lapbook. Bug informed me, "this is the best one yet!" Of course here is a little girl obsessed with ladybugs and any other type of bug that crawls or flies. 

Some parts of the lapbook are from Homeschool Shares and the other part of it is what I put together. I made it the lapbook work for what we where doing with ladybugs. It just worked better fr me piecing it together. 

We read the Grouchy Ladybug, which happens to be a favorite around here. This is where I used parts of The Grouchy Ladybug from Homeschool Shares. The life cycle sequencing cards is from Enchanted Learning.

The kids did a mini life cycle book from Enchanted Learning. Little Man worked on his ABC's and counting. Bug practiced the phonemes with the ABC cards and had fun just playing with the ladybug counters that Little Man used for counting. Bug worked more on telling time with, The Grouchy Ladybug. It was a fun way to practice what she has been learning with telling time. The mini book on time from Homeschool shares was an awesome addition to the lapbook.

Lately one of our favorite book that we found last summer at our local nature center is, "Starting life Ladybug" it has wonderful pictures and of course is full of information about Ladybugs.

For the lapbook I found some fun websites on Ladybugs. On one of the sites I was able to download ladybug fonts. It is really an adorable font, which I used in the lapbook. This site also had coloring pages, which we used one for our cover page. From there I followed the suggested links. The website is Everything Ladybugs. It was loaded with all kinds of information. I couldn't believe how many sites are dedicated to just ladybugs. I plan on looking at some of the crafts from the site at another time. 

Have a blessed day, may the Lord bless you and keep you this day.

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