Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Homeschool organization tool

I have had this in the classroom for the last two years and realized that I didn't have any pictures of it. It is a wonderful way to store all the little things that are to small for plastic container and would take up to much space if you had each one in a container. I keep my dices, game pieces for those homemade game boards, bingo markers, rubber bands, brass fasteners, metal snap rings, finger puppets, Velcro, magnet tape, bean bags, erasers, small jewelry storage bags and plastic links. This are not items that I use everyday but, when I need them I know where to locate them. I have a larger one. It use to sit on my filing cabinet. I want to find a new home in the classroom and realized that I can hang it! You can buy one at any hardware store or Wal-mart in whatever size fits your needs. It may not be something you would think of as storage in a classroom. It is a wonderful organizer. Enjoy and have a blessed day. Get ready for me catching up on all those pictures I should of posted last school year, hope I don't over load you! 

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