Monday, August 30, 2010

Products for kids with special needs

When I first started blogging I was wanting a way for family and friends to keep up with our family. I had also wanted to share and maybe encourage others who homeschool children with special needs. I have been blessed with all the comments and Email’s that I have received during this time. Most of those have been through the homeschool blogger community. I have also met others on my blogger blog. I am glad that I kept both blogs going. I have met so many mom’s and not just those who have children with special needs. Needless to say I am not creative enough or have the time to have blogger and homeschool blogger be completely different. So, I copy and paste to one or the other. I love to be able to flip through homeschool blogger using the random blog or just open the main page and see all the new post. I have gleaned so many ideals from other bloggers.

I am surprised at how many questions about where I get something or what kind of products I use to do something. As a mom with a child who has some special needs, I have found some products that have made Bugs life and not to mention my life a lot easier through out the years. I love to share and even find that I get passionate about it at times and it is more so when I am at the hospital weekly. I have gotten to know many mom's who are dealing with various medical issues. A lot of the mom's I have know for several years now. I have gained a lot of wisdom and advice from them and have also been able to share some things with them that have helped them in return. We have passed on resources to help out with the cost of those items and where to find them. Our therapist have also been a wealth of information. Like most homeschoolers like to talk curriculum shop, many parents with children with special needs talk shop.

Last week a mom who I have known for a few weeks was so excited to tell me about the results of a tooth brush I recommended and she started to cry. Sitting next to use was an elderly lady who thought we had a few screws lose, asked the other lady, “ your that emotional over a tooth brush?”  She was a little perplexed over the whole thing.” It took everything in me not to laugh at loud. You just had to be there to see this elderly ladies expression. She was actually rude but, it was more funny than anything. I think you get use to rude comments from others who just don't understand, why your child is doing some bizzare thing that their child would never do.
Most of use do not think about a tooth brush and what a challenge it may be with some children to brush their teeth. Or what about diaper’s for a seven year old. Have you ever tried to find a bib ( other than a feeding ones that go down to the waist?) Just a simple bib for a droller that fit’s an older child. Some items are just common items that you can us. I get so frustrated at times that items that are used for special needs cost so much more. It doesn’t matter if it’s a curriculum or just an item to make everyday life easier.

I hope that it will be helpful to others. Some items I didn't think even existed and I thought it was something that I had just had to deal with. Nobody told me about it and I wish I would of known about it a long time ago. It might of saved me some tears of frusteration.. I have found some amazing things on other blogs and would love to hear what has been a blessing to you. Maybe, I could link your article from my blog. Stay tuned I think my first item I am going to review is going to be a tooth brush and how it has made me a much happier mom. Hope it makes you laugh a little because I look back on something’s and just laugh at the craziness of the most simplest stuff. Have a blessed day!

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