Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our new workbox drawer

Bug got a new set of drawers for her workbox. We now have 10 drawers to fill instead of 7. As you can see from the picture I have 12 workbox tags. I have the slightest ideal how Bug knew that the original system is suppose to have 12 drawers. She must of over heard me talking about it to someone. She was persistent about needing 12 tags. She informed me that 2 things can go in each of the bottom drawer. I guess if 12 tags works for her than it is okay with me. Little Man wants one just like it next year, but honestly I don't have anywhere to add another one like it. This one is going into the door way a few inches. He informed me that it has wheels and we can move it when we need out. He actually thought about that answer for awhile after I told him another one would not fit. Got to love it!

Everyone has new tags. Little Man now has Wild West cowboys. I was only able to put up 4 or his tags on the workboxes. Bug told him that he needs 12 made. Talk about the peer pressure from all the kids. Princess has Pink and purple castles, horses and fairies. She also has 12 tags and only 3 up. She has the larger drawers on the bottom. I originally made Little Man knights this summer. Which I really liked. I couldn't resist those blue eyes asking for cowboys.

I am working on getting some of my workbox tags and file folder games on my blog for others to download for free. I just need to figure out a few things. Have a blessed day.

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