Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sensory Processing Disorder and Sitting

 Ball "N" Chair is a great product for dealing with the kiddos with SPD. I have to say that it takes a little getting use to if you have a sensory seeking child. The getting use to is on mom’s end.

Sitting for Bug is an adventure all in itself. She would proudly tell you that she is sitting. It is more like legs over the top of the chairs, laying half way on the table or both feet are on the table while writing. Not to mention some other crazy position that I would never have thought of it being possible. It's enough to drive this mom and I am sure anyone else crazy. Add to the hypotonia and the poor motor skills you can only image what the handwriting looks like while the feet or sticking up in some odd position. No, you don't want to image what the handwriting looks like while she was in her sitting position.

Who would know that a silly chair would be such blessing to me to have in my classroom. I am very thankful to have a physical and occupational therapist that are knowledgeable, concerned and so helpful. It has been a great recommendation from our therapist.

The chair combines the benefits of sitting on a ball (sensory processing disorder, balance, and postural improvements) with the stability of a chair. The ball is held in place at the base. The chair has casters that lock and I don't have to worry about it rolling out from under her. Yes, I tried a regular ball while protesting the cost of this chair. As you can tell I am now sold on it regardless of the price. 

Exercise balls are great if you child has the balance and self control to not bounce away on you. It comes in different styles to fit any needs. The therapist recommended something to help Bug with trunk control for sitting. She has that rag doll sit and just flops all over when trying to sit up straight. They even have one that has arms and a back. This is the one that I want. I love it as much as she does. Her chair is very comfortable to sit in.

Bug is sitting in the Jr. Chair. The one cost around $70.00. The other sizes which include Adult and teen go up to $174.00. I know it is a lot of money and it made me cringe with the price. I have gotten every penny back and more. It is well worth it in terms of my sanity.

The getting use to is the bouncing while sitting. At first I thought I was going to go stir crazy watching her bounce while I was teaching her. My eyes and head hurt so bad and it took everything in me to not tell her to sit still. Now I can handle it because I have seen the difference in her school work and it satisfies her sensory seeking.

My Bug has a beautiful heart. On days that she knows Mom’s back is hurting real bad she insist on letting me sit in her chair and will go get her wedge. We take turns on the chair on those days. It relieves the pain in my back and is so nice to sit in.

At one point I thought of getting everybody one. Then I had this picture in my mind of three kids bouncing. The other two would probably bounce just because Bug does it. That thought lasted just for a moment. I think I will just save up to get and extra one for me. Enjoy and have a blessed day.


  1. I've seen these before, and wondered if my son, who has SPD would benefit from it. Thanks for weighing in on it.

  2. Thank you for the post. It sounds like our kids have the similar issues with sitting. I bet my son would love this chair!


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