Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Little Man's First Written Story

Yesterday, Little Man was sitting at the table with Bug while we were working on her language arts lesson. The lesson was on diagramming a topic for a story. We were going through the process of brainstorming main points to put down to help us start our story.

All the while he kept whispering in my ear, "Mom how to I write this and he would hand me a notepad to write it down for him." After he was done we heard him singing, "OH YEA! OH YEA! I AM A GOOD WRITER!

Here is the story: The top part reads: Don't knock over Angel. (Angel is our dog, and she is standing next to a drink with a straw.) Then he writes OPPS(which should be oops) and the bottom portion is Ahh, with the backward h's. The two purple dogs are Angel slipping in the drink. Mom is the one saying Ahh in the background, according to him.

Don't you just love it. I think I will have to frame this one for him. So see mom's they listen even when you don't think they are. Have a blessed day and may the Lord bless you and keep you this day.

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