Monday, December 27, 2010

Sir Quinlan and the Swords of Valor by Chuck Black

Chuck Black’s series for young adults is a beautiful allegory of the Lord and making choices. Are you willing to give your all to the Prince or would you rather live a comfortable life serving the Prince?

In this, the fifth book of the Knights of Arrethtrae Series. Two knights of the Prince have been raised together since a fire killed Quinlan’s family. Quinlan know as, “Twitch” by family and friends in the city of Burkfield. Twitch named due to the nervous twitch in his face when he is stressed or nervous. Twitch is the one who no ones see’s a lot from the outside. He his not built very well and nothing stands out of him in appearance, personality or physique. He doesn’t even handle a sword as well as most in the training haven or probably the Kingdom. While Gustav nicknamed “Tav” is by all appearance the handsome, outgoing, and handles a sword with some of the best.

The young Knights are both looking forward to following the Prince and maybe even going out into the kingdom to spread the message of the Prince. They want to defend the Kingdom against the evil.

Then they come across a strange, cuddle, smart and loving creature and this strange pet becomes the center of the boy’s attention. The pet multiple and all the young knights of the Prince at the haven have one. Then almost everyone in Burkfield has one. Everything is going so well for the city. It is prospering and the violence seems to not have effected this part of the kingdom.

Then, Twitch has a life changing experience with the Prince and chooses the narrow road and faces many hardships. Tav chooses a different path to follow the Prince and both choices are pivotal point in their lives.

I have read all the previous titles in both series and can’t wait to get my hands on the next one. These action packed allegory’s have such a beautiful message of our walk with our Savior. The ending in this book has by far surprised me the most and has been my favorite.

This series will be a mainstay on my bookshelf. My 5 and 8 year old are loving all of Chuck’s Black series. I love the great discussions with my kids. Did I mention that mom is just as crazy about the series that I had to read ahead!

Disclaimer: I provided an advanced reader copy of this book from Waterbrook for free in order to write this review. All thoughts and opinions are mine and were not subject to editing from the publisher.

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