Thursday, December 9, 2010

Updates on Bug

It has been so crazy around here the last few weeks. We have had so much going on besides Doctors appointments, and therapy. Trust me it is catching up to me. I could take a nap.

We are now registered with Unique Rare Chromosome and will see what comes out of that. It looks like a really interesting site, I look forward to exploring it now that I am a member.

Bug goes in next month for a video EEG, which means Bug and I will be in the hospital from anywhere from one to five days. This is to make sure she is not having any seizures. All of her EEG have came out normal but, she has too many oddities to rule out no seizures. This should clear up that concern. The neurologist wanted to be aggressive and rule it out completely. I hope and pray it is not the full five days. The thought of being in one room and not being able to leave is daunting. They need an adult with her the whole time to press a button if we see her doing her staring spells. She will be hooked up 24 hours to the EEG but, they want us to press the button when we see her doing her thing that has concerned us. I can leave if daddy or someone else is there to take my place. I will stay at the hospital overnight. I have a feeling that this will be very hard for Bug. I think both of us will feel like a caged animal. They told me to bring along movies, games and toys. I will try to do some school while we are caged in.

Little Man is not so happy about Bug and Mommy being gone. The thought of mommy not being there during the night time is just horrible. I am never away from the kids overnight. I think he has stayed at the Grandparents overnight maybe, three times in his almost 5 years of life. He loves to cuddle at night time in bed with me and we talk about the day and everything in between while he is to winding down to go to sleep. It is one of my most precious times that we spend together.

This post could get longer but, I will fill in the IQ testing results in another post. Many blessings.

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