Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Homeschool Dollar Store

I confess I am a dollar store junkie. Even my kids get excited about going to the dollar store. I think the only one who could care less about a dollar store is my beloved husband.

I am also a homeschool curriculum and anything homeschool junkie. I never knew that there is a Homeschool Dollar Store! I love a good deal and there is almost 300 of them. Can you imaging all the choices that might be available. Well I already looked! They have some very familiar vendors that we homeschoolers are crazy about. Its a great time to grab those items from those vendors that you where hesitant about because of the cost. How can you resist $1.00 on those items you have drooled over.

Get going . . .

Browse our huge selection of over 300 products!

Enjoy convenient shopping—NO shipping costs!

Check back often—products change, and new items will be continually added!

(If you see it and want it, don’t wait—it might not be there next time.)

EVERYTHING $1.00! Oh Yea, I already told you that. I warned you that I am a dollar store junkie. Go check it out and have fun shopping.

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