Thursday, March 24, 2011

How to use an Egg as a Dental Hygiene Experiment Part 2

At the same time we did the soda pop experiment we also did an egg and vinegar experiment. The egg shell is like the enamel on your teeth and the vinegar is kinda like acids (or cavity bugs as my kiddos call them) from your food. It is a way for the kiddos to see what the acid does to the enamel on your teeth overtime if you didn't brush them everyday.

This experiment takes 3 to 4 days. The kids had fun checking it out everyday, they could see all the small changes that were going on with the egg. We also put a chicken bone in the same bowl.

Before you begin you will need to:

1. Boil a couple of eggs, just in case one gets cracked in the cooking process. You can also use a fresh egg for a more dramatic effect and you will actually see the egg yolk float. I knew Bug would want to touch to the extreme so I choose the hard boiled version.

2.  Vinegar

3. Plastic container with a tight fitting lid.

4. Chicken bone if you want to add it to the mix.

5. Spoon and a towel.

6. Air freshener and clothes pin for nose :0). Just joking but beware the aroma is lovely, especially in the basement.

1. Pour the vinegar in the bowl.
2. Add the egg and chicken bone.

Day 1, the shell is very soft, but you can still feel the shell somewhat.

Day 2 the shell is softer and the egg starts to feel gooey in the words of two 5 year old and one 8 year old.

Day 3, we think the shell completely gone. The chicken bone picture didn't come out very clear but everyday we could bend the bone it was like a rubber chicken bone.

Day 4, Yuck, gag, almost up-chucked the snack from my little Bug. Mom get it out of here it stinks like someone farted. All the while she was sticking her fingers in the bowl playing around with the egg and chicken bone. Yep, I was glad to get rid of this experiment. It was fun and informative but it was a rather pleasant smell in the school room and not to mention the basement.

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