Thursday, March 3, 2011

Leo the Lightning Bug

Leo is a Lighting Bug who is small, even his name, "Leo" is small. He is a Lightning Bug who doesn't even light up! Leo's mom claims his name, "Leo" means lion. That inside Leo is as big and brave as a lion. That with practice and patience he will be able to light up just like the other Lightning Bugs do. Leo, sure doesn't feel like a lion. Leo will keep trying like his mom told him to do.

Leo, the very next night finds a private place to practice lightning up. After several failed attempts he finds out that his hide out is not so secret and hears the other bugs laughing out loud at his effort. Leo runs off in anger and tears. Leo finds out that he truly does have a lion inside of him.

This book is for any kid who feels that they are not good at something. It teaches them to keep trying and not to give up. For my little Bug this book spoke volumes, "that it is okay that you are different and that you can't always do the things that other kids can." She told me all of this at the end of the book. It touched my heart, that she could see a lesson to learn in this book before I discussed the moral in the book. We listened to the Audio version while looking at the book. The voices made the book so fun. Of course, we have already read the book several times.

Disclosure: This book was given as a gift from a friend who every Shabbat during bug season arms herself with a styro foam cup and a plastic spoon. Goes on an adventure with Bug hunting for three dead bugs and buries them outside by the mighty oak tree. All the while giving this mom a sanity break from all the bugs, dandelions, and cracks in the ground.

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