Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sir Rowan and the Camerian Conquest by Chuck Black

Sir Rowan and the Camerian Conquest is the sixth book in this series, “The Knights of Arrethtrae” Rowan of Laos was born in utter poverty an orphaned at a young age. Yet, he was born to be a swordsman. Every fiber in him knew it. After meeting a knight of the Prince while working as a stable boy. He was trained at the local haven and was a superior swordsmen like no one has seen. He was passionate about the Prince and Code.

Four years of training and when his first commissioning was presented to him. Rowan turned his back to compete in the tournaments knights. He was good and became wealthy, had fame and even became one to the most decorated tournament knights in Cameria. On the way to a tournament his group is attacked and Rowan is captured and left for dead. During this time he sees visions of the Prince. After several weeks of being left for dead Rowan has a vision of the Prince and shortly afterwards he is rescued by a woman who serves the Prince. Rowan finds new purpose and rededicates himself to the Prince.

He finds out that all his material possessions are gone and that his beloved Cameria has been held in tyranny. Rowan meets a mysterious knight who want Rowan to join him in another battle elsewhere for the Prince. Rowan must determine where he will fight. He loves his countryman in Cameria but this mysterious knight insist that his purpose lies in an ancient city and is the greater cause for him to fight for the Prince. Rowan must choose which battle he will serve the Prince, but will it be the one the Prince has chosen him to serve in. The wrong choice could have a great impact on the battle of the Cameria region.

I have enjoyed every book in this series. The book is for teens. I have been reading these books to my five and eight year old as a read-out-loud and they love the books and are excited for me to read more to them. Mom is also a big fan and can’t wait to read more in this series.

Disclaimer: I provided an advanced reader copy of this book from Waterbrook for free in order to write this review. All thoughts and opinions are mine and were not subject to editing from the publisher.


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