Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Reading and Phonics Fun

Little Man is just learning how to read words. He is absolutely excited when he sees the Teaching Tiles by Educational Insights
Look at that mouth. He is really sounding out those letters.
I have had this for several years and we have used it a lot. It has components that target alphabet and phonemic awareness, phonograms, digraphs, blends, vowel pairs, variant vowels and more.
My only dislike is all those tiles being at the bottom of the box. Nothing worse than the kids searching each tile for the right letter. It became more of a distraction. I bought a  bead divider at the hobby store and separated them. Easy fix and inexpensive solution.
I like that the cards are simple and breaks it down in bite size pieces. This card give them a choice of B or N. Each card has a picture to help them out.

My set has 50 activity cards. I also make some and put them on index cards for Bug. I give Bug her spelling test using the tiles when writing is extra hard for her that day. I  also like to do All About Spelling with these tiles once in awhile to change things up a bit. I have the kids practice putting the alphabet in the correct order. With the trays, they can also practice constructing words and sentences. 

We have really got a lot of learning out of it. The tiles are a hard durable plastic. The cards are thick with that shiny wipe off surface. In my case with my Bug being a drooler the cards don't get damaged and saves me from having to laminate them.
He is working so hard sounding out the words!
That U sound is still a struggle!
Look Mom! I did them all! I love it when learning is fun for the kids.


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