Friday, August 19, 2011

Worlds of Fun Trip

We went to Worlds of fun in July. It was the perfect weather for a day at the amusement park.(I know I am a few weeks behind-again!) It was cloudy with a few sprinkles off and on. It was the week after 4th of July. The best part was no long lines! We rode several rides over and over. They predicted rain and it keep everyone away. It just rained heavy on the ride up to Kansas City. The rest of the day was perfect.

Bug rode her first big roller coaster-she loved it. Except she showed no emotion. Her face was just blank and when she got off on the platform-she seen a leaf and said, "look Daddy a leaf" The roller coaster had a 210 drop, I think they said it was 75mph. Her cousin also rode for the first time and had all kinds of emotions going on. She did that on all the big, fast rides. I even closed my eyes on the octopus, and the coasters. On the Sea Dragon Little Man was crying for me to get him off and hanging on for dear life. Bug just looked around with no smile- just stared at her surroundings. It was interesting. Her therapist thinks that the emotions were so strong that she just kinda shut down. Bug maybe wasn't sure how to express herself with the sensation. She was a trooper and went on many rides. The funny thing is when we went to Planet Snoppy with the kiddy rides she was screaming her head off and laughing. It was bizarre. 

Little Man wants a car just like this. He thought the flames were pretty cool. He wondered if I could paint flames on the side of the van. Mmmm, don't think I have ever seen a mini van with flames on it!
Have a blessed day! May the Lord bless you and keep you this day.

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