Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bug Mystery

This is the bug I was talking about in an early post. We finally identified it. Actually, I can't take credit for finding it. It was my Bug who found it in the field guide that I looked at numerous times till my eyes crossed. 496 pages of bugs was a hard book for me to give my full focus-they all started to look the same. I should of let her look first!

Meet the Cottonwood Borer. They are found on poplar and other related trees long streams and rivers. Which makes sense since we where at a nature center that had water all around and lots of trees.

Thus the joy of homeschooling and another mini study on the Cottonwood Borer.
My Bug just loved it. She would of taken it home if I would of let her. Did I tell you that next week Bug is joining an Entomology Club?  I guess I better start liking bugs more. I may have cases of pinned bugs behind glass all around the house. At least they will be dead bugs. 

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