Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oh My! Trains Everywhere

For those of you who have been following my Blog for awhile know that Little Man is a train fanatic. They use to be upstairs in his bedroom and now are downstairs in the playroom.
I no longer can use the excuse to clean them up right away. Technically they are out of the main room according to him. The dogs don't tear them apart everyday by tripping all over them.

Mom- who seems to find away of banging her toes every time I walk over them.  I also seem to trip on them everytime. I honestly try to step over them. Bringing the clean and dirty laundy through has become dangerous on my part. Everyone else seems to manage with out all the drama.
Previously, he would build the whole set upstairs when you first walk into the door. I would allow a week at tops. The whole set wasn't allowed as often as he would of liked. Try bringing in the grocery's in the house when you have trains from your front door into the kitchen. You can't vacuum and I have two dogs not to mention kids! I have to vacuum daily! It is truly a pet peeve of mine. A clean floor seems to make the house look so much cleaner.
My happy little boy. Bug enjoys them also.
They lasted for over a month in the basement. I was starting to get sick of seeing them. Dog hair was growing between the tracks and on the kids after they played with them. I was pulling out my hand vac to get in between the open spaces. I know crazy mom with a vacuum! He was having so many hours of entertainment. I didn't have the heart to tell him to pick them up. I thought of picking them up a few nights after he went to bed and blaming the dogs. Instead I fixed the tracks when the dog damaged parts of the town! I just couldn't do it.
Then along came Princess2 my daycare girl. Who seemed to ignore it for the most part. Until, one day she seemed determined to get involved in the play and dragged herself through the middle of town and the town got demolished. I love that little girl!~ I was so tired of trains.

Little Man took it in good humor. While she was crushing the town and pulling things apart. (How it took her so long to get involved-I don't know). Little Man pretended she was a sea monster who demolished the town. He had everyone running for their lives. He made it a lot of fun and Princess2 giggled and laughed at him. The dinosaurs came out and he helped since the town was being attacked by all kinds of monsters. End of town. Mom has finally vacuumed. I am one happy mom. Have a blessed day.

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  1. Loved seeing the trains.

    For some reason your updates are not showing up in my subscription feed.


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