Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Apple Pie or Caramel Apples

Bug always walks to her own beat. Really not caring what others think or say. She just makes me laugh and smile. It even worries me at times because I never know what will come out of her mouth. Just when I think I know what she will say she throws in a curve ball.

Last night we went to our first club meeting for 4-H. During introduction of the newbies they had a survey going for fun. The question was. "which one do you like better apple pie or caramel apples? Anyone who knows Bug knows that she is pretty picky. I thought she would just tell everyone that she doesn't like either one. It was her turn and she introduces herself loud and clear and says, "I like macaroni and cheese" The whole room just laughs at her comment. After the meeting was finished she is warmly welcomed by several kids.

Bug is just a classic. She is the one that just makes me snicker. She is an original-one of a kind gal. I just love it. I hope that she is always that way-not afraid to share her heart and to the world. She is just honest to the tee and would never dream of just saying something to satisfy the crowd. I guess as an eight year old it is cute. Not so sure how it will look like as she turns into a teen! I may hope that she won't be so vocal. Only time will tell if I still feel that way in a few years. Have a blessed week.

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