Monday, October 24, 2011

A Boy and A Box

Boy gets in box.
Boy begs sister or any other willing person to close the box with him inside the box.
Boy rolls himself in the box, crashing around every where. Boy laughs and screams.
Boys begs sister or any other willing person to close it again.

Mom wonders how we have never ended up in an emergency room with any broken bones. Daddy likes box as a toy-as it is free and will entertain him for a long time. Daddy closes lid on the box picks boy up and flies the boy in the air-spins him, rolls him, and  pushes boy real fast over and over.

Mom can't watch anymore and leaves room!

Box makes great pirate ship, viking ship, and transports lots of toys around the house.Box breaks finally after a few days. Boy begs mom for the next big box.

The End

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