Friday, October 7, 2011

Week In Review-Week #8

I am starting to sound like a broken record-We had another extremely busy week. I need a long nap!

We are in Sonlight Core C week #8

Scripture memory this week Luke 12:34.

Our read-out-loud is The Minstrel in The Tower . We finished reading Eric The Red and Leif The Lucky.

Monday-Bug had all of her therapy this week. Which we are at 2 hospitals for almost 4 hours. Plus on top of the therapy she had a Doctor appointment. Little Man barely finished his school at the hospital today. He is usually done before we head out to the other hospital. Not today! I think he was tired. He is usually not my one to go so slow. We just did a few things and called it quits. Then he snuggled with me lots.

Somehow even Bug got a little school done today! We are finished with the Vikings today.

Tuesday- We had our PE class today and the kids played some more games and did different exercises in class. It was such a beautiful day outside. I didn't want to go inside.

This will be Bugs last class for awhile. Little Man will still be in PE. Bug is having more problems with her knees and other joints hurting.

We started learning about Knights today. First up was our Knight Lapbook which will take use a few weeks to complete.

The kids pulled out the Timeline and seen what time period the Knight roamed in Europe. Then we located England, France, Germany and other parts of Western Europe.

After we completed the 3 R's we headed off to yet another appointment for Bug!

Wednesday- We learned about the Christian Church in Bangladesh an learned about how jute is made.

Bug took her first test in her Bob Jones English Writing and Grammar 3. It was review from the previous book. Boy she must of had an off day. Everything seemed to go blank for her today. Sigh......

We learned the code of Chivalry for knights and worked on our lapbooks.

After finishing history, geography, math, reading, and writing we headed out the door for yet another appointment. This time it was for Little Man.

Thursday-Was a full day followed by an eye appointment for Bug. See what I mean by busy and wanting a nap. Maybe just a week at home!

The kids visited Bhutan and learned about the Christian church there. They learned some of the history of this country.

With the Knight study we learned about Heraldry and decorated our own shields in our knight lapbook.

Friday-No appointments. I had already planned a light school day. We were suppose to go on a field trip that was an hour and half out of town. I had to cancel it so we can save the gas money for a trip to the Children's hospital in Kansas City next month. Which I am sure the trip would of been a lot of fun. I am just glad to stay home today.  The kids finished school quickly and I let them lay around and watch cartoons for awhile today. That is a big treat around here! Have a blessed week.

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