Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Medieval Knight Helmet Craft

We made knight helmets in school this week. The kids loved doing this. Granted, I had to prepare a lot before the day of the craft. It is worth it for the kiddos. You can find the full instructions from this site.

You will need:
Feather (optional)
Hole punch
2 paper fasteners
Silver metallic poster board

 Cut 5 strips of silver card about 2 inches wide and long enough to reach around the kids head from ear to ear.
 In my case- I needed more than 5 for both kids!
Little Man letting me measure from ear to ear. 
Bend the strips so that the other ends of each strip meet in the same way and staple together.

Attach the other three strips so they cover the hole in between the two original strips. This is the back of your helmet.
It will look like this when you are done with that step.
I trimmed off the edges to make them all even. I would recommend punching holes before you fastening with the staples. I had to take apart just to make a hole. I was not able to get the brad to go through this thick poster board. It was to thick to get the hole punch in all of the strips at once.
The kids said the staples hurt their head. So I put scotch tape over the staples.
Make the mouthpiece by cutting a rectangle long enough to reach around your face from ear to ear with an extra 2 inches-about 4 inches wide. Fold the rectangle in half and cut triangle off the bottom to form a point in the center of the rectangle.
It will look like this after you cut it.

To make a visor, cut a rectangle long enough to reach around your face from ear to ear with an extra 2-3 inches. The site said 2 inches but, I found I needed more so the visor could move up and down. Fold in half. Curve the edges to form an oval shape.

Cut thin rectangles along the fold as viewing holes. Attach the visor to the helmet with two paper fasteners.
Now your kids can be ready for battle. Just add sword, shield and a strap to hold the armor. I used this for this site to make the waist strap.
I would construct the helmet using construction paper first. That way if you encounter any problems you won't mess up on the poster board.
  My knight in shining armor.
We had to trim the visor a little and the bottom for him.
The visor can go up for when you are not in battle!
We added the chest and waist belt to hold the shield, arrows, and we even had to make a quiver real quick for my knight. The belt is made out of duct tape and Velcro. You can find the instructions here.

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  1. I am having a Knight Camp in my backyard and was pleased to find your helmet instructions. Thank you so much. I think we have a lot in common. :)


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