Friday, November 4, 2011

Updates and Answered Prayers

My week in review will not happen this week. I am going to carry this week into next week. Monday only Little Man got any school done. It was for a good reason that Bug didn't get any school done. Tuesday we did school. The rest of the week was appointments and everyone being sick.

I got a call last Saturday from a friend who I haven't talked to in over a year. She had stopped homeschooling some 2 years ago. She had told me that she was going to get rid of her books then. I guess she never got around to it. She informed me that I was on her heart all week and wanted me to come over and have all of her homeschooling material. She told me I can keep it, or give away what I don't need. Which we believe in tithing off everything.

The prior week I was looking at our homeschool budget for the following year. Yes, we have to plan and save all year to purchase curriculum and other school supplies. I could already tell that I was going to be very short on funds and not have as much as I usually have. I prayed and asked God to help in this area to give me wisdom in finding it used if needed or just to provide for our needs. I also use Sonlight as my core curriculum and it is pricey. I love it, my kids love Sonlight also. I was willing to change curriculum if HE closed the door for me to buy it.

My friend used Sonlight and also has two older children who are special needs. I had no ideal what she had.

Wow-did he answer my prayers in double portions. God is so good. I didn't even realize how much she had. Not only did he provide my Sonlight Core D for next year and most of the Sonlight Science 3 for next year. I have Core E and then she had another core that I won't need for a few years. I just have to find a few items that are missing in every core or replace the consumables.

I have the next 4 years of Math U See minus the student workbooks. The fraction inserts for MUS, plus more blocks. Which solves issues having two sets for the kids.( its a Bug thing with needing her own space and others not reaching in by her-special needs kiddo) All kinds of Apologia science books, grammar, encyclopedia's, atlas, other curriculum's and so much more than I could of imagined. We have the equipment for doing science experiments with the beakers and such. It is easily around 3,000. worth of homeschool stuff. It is official my school room is packed with books and other things to the max!!!!! I have no more room and I have to get very creative. I am giving away quite a bit of material and it is still stuffed. 

We now have a microscope with all kinds of supplies. At Bug's birthday party this last weekend we had a conversation over entomology and we were talking about how neat it would be to have a microscope. God is so good and I am humbled by this answered prayer that went way beyond what I prayed for.

I called up my friend and shared everything. She told me that she was going to ask me some 2 years ago if I wanted the books- she just forgot and never got around to it. She also told me that I would of probably said no then. Which was true because I didn't need it then and would of rather her blessed someone else. Then she said, " God made me forgot or to busy to get it all together until this week because He knew that you would need it now!" No wonder God put me on her mind this week HE knows the past, future, and present. Thank you Lord for providing for our family abundantly.

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