Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week In Review-Week #11

Another week accomplished. I was originally going to try and do both Sonlight week 11 and 12 this week. Since I only had 2 days to finish from week #11 Sonlight. I decided to just work on the reading, math, phonics, and do a craft or two.

We are in Sonlight Core C week #11

Scripture memory this week Romans 6:23 and reviewed all previous scripture memory verses, Shema, which we do daily.

Our read-out-loud is The Tales of Robin Hood and we finished both Castle Diary and Ms. Frizzles Adventure Medieval Castle.

Monday- was occupational, and physical therapy for Bug. No speech this week. We came downstairs and started on school before we had to leave. Bug did her math which she is still working on telling time and money. Then she worked on skip counting and addition facts.

Science this whole week we will be learning about different types of birds and their anatomy.

Little Man did his school at the second hospital which proved to be a hard task since we know to many of the families there. He was distracted and somehow we finished with much complaining. The other hospital is quieter and I can control the TV. It's 8'oclock in the morning when Bug starts therapy at the first hospital. You can imagine not much activity going on and the kids that do come are quickly ushered into therapy with it being first appointments of the day.  

When we came home we called it a day and played.

Tuesday-in PE Little Man practiced push ups, sit ups, and other exercises. They then played a favorite activity- the parachute.

Next stop the kids visited the country of Madagascar in The Windows of the World book. Located it on the map and stamped their passports. We listened to Geography songs for the continent of Africa.

For are medieval studies the kids made knight helmets.
Little Man putting his feather on his helmet.
 Bug putting on her feather.
Little Man is all ready to play knights.
Bug was having an off day and wasn't liking her head being covered. I was able to beg and plead to get a picture of her in it. Just not able to get one of the kids together.

Wednesday-We got so much school work done. Bug worked on Math, Bob Jones Grammar 3, Handwriting Without Tears, Go Phonics, and All About Spelling 2. She is almost finished with her second unit of Life Pac History and Geography which she is learning more about Kansas.

Little Man worked on his Horizon Phonics and Reading, Math, and Beginning Geography. He then read a reader to me with out any problems. Little Man is on Step 5 in All About Spelling 1.

We then learned about the believers in the Republic of Guinea and prayed for the country. Located it on our wall map and added another stamp to our passports. Little Man now has two passport books and he was excited to fill up a whole book!

Thursday- Started out with Little Man being sick and complaining of an ear ache. I was able to get him into the Dr. to confirm that he has a raging red ear infection. By the time we got home after filling his prescription and eating lunch. I decided to call it a day.

Something absolutely amazing happened after lunch. I was just about rendered speechless. Bug disappeared downstairs for awhile and came upstairs with all her school work completed. She did 4 pages of Math, 2 pages of her Handwriting Without Tears, and her Go Phonics actively sheet. I was in tears and so proud of my little girl.

After supper Bug had her 4-H meeting.

Friday-We read Robin Hood and did some math and reading. I then surprised the kids with sewing kits.
Little Man kit is a dog puppet -which I didn't understand one of the stitching. We did what we could and have to ask for help. This will take us several days to complete and I will  put up a picture when it is done.
Bugs craft is a mini lady bug pillow. We didn't complete and had to leave for a field trip with our homeschool group.

We went to a small town around 20 minutes outside of Wichita for a variety of craft shops.
First stop was a quilting store. The kids broke up in groups according to age for each shop. The kids learned some basic concepts in quilting. Then made a quilting pattern on paper using squares of fabric.
Next stop was a glass blowing shop. I was excited to see this and got the kids excited before hand. Unfortunately we had a horrible presenter with an attitude who wasn't very informative. Too bad. I think that was the first time I have had something like that happen on a field trip. So I couldn't tell you much besides showing pictures. I promised the kids to find something on U tube later. They had all kinds of questions afterwards and even tried asking this young fellow below. He gave answers like I am rolling it on the table or sticking the handle in the container!
It was amazing watching how the pieces are formed into amazing pieces. The store was beautiful with all the glass art. Also expensive. Some pieces where in the thousands of dollars. All the kids in the group where told to look with the eyes not the hands. When we were done we as moms where able to breath again.

Next stop was a wood crafted and I didn't take any pictures. The kids learned about all the tools and what each one did. The kids had a good day.

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