Saturday, November 19, 2011

Week In Review-Week #12

We are in Sonlight Core C week #12

Scripture memory this week Romans 6:23

Our read-out-loud is The Tales of Robin Hood

Monday- Bug started her day off with her usual therapy. Little Man did his Horizon's Reading and Phonics K and Horizon Math at the hospital. I usually do a few more things with him but decided to give him a lighter day.

He absolutely loves Horizon. Funny how different the kids are. Bug would of been in full melt down with this curriculum. Some days he informs me that he already knows it and doesn't see why he has to review it again. Horizon does do a lot of review. Some days I just make sure he knows it and go to the next section.

When we got home. We learned about Romania. The kids liked learning about the Believers in this country more that most. I am not sure what exactly perked their interest more so here. Then afterwards the kids stamped their passports. They found it on the wall map and on the globe.

We finished our Knights Lapbooks. The kids are learning about varies castle defenses and weapons that attack castles. What better way to learn when you get to play with something.
We attacked the whiteboard and had lots of laughs.
We have also been learning how to use a timeline. I recently did a review on, The Big Book of History timeline. We pulled out our Sonlight Timeline book and learned about how each one works. We compared the differences in the two timelines. I think Bug is old enough now to understand the concept somewhat. Little Man is more interested in the pictures but was able to grasp some basic concepts of a timeline.

Tuesday-Little Man had PE and for the life of me I couldn't tell you what he did. My mind is completely blank! Thank goodness I write down all of our school work down in a planner!!!!

We learned about a group of people called the Beja who live on the coast in Sudan. This group of people have very few people who are believers in Yeshua. We prayed for them afterwards.

Little Man wanted to spell with our wood letters. He is learning about the i-e rule in is Horizon Reading Phonics. We spelled out words that had the i-e and I worked on our All About Spelling 1 with them instead of the magnetic letters. He was so enthusiastic to spell out words using the wood letters.

Wednesday- We finished our poetry book, "What to Do When A Bug Climbs in Your Mouth" by Rick Walton. What a fun, silly poetry book.

Bug found an incomplete Horizon Math 1 workbook this week. We didn't do some of the worksheets that year as I was trying to use Horizon as a substitute for some concepts she needed some extra help with Math U See. I was also seeing if she would benefit from more from another curriculum. She wants to complete it now.
Thursday-Was a very light day. We finished up knights in the Time Traveler book. Then we focused our energy on the 3 R's today.
My camera was missing in action most of the week so we played picture catch up today. We colored our coats of arms and learned about the different symbols and what some of them symbolized. We finished school early and the kids played while I caught up on laundry.

Bug had her Entomology class tonight. We learned about a how to pin smaller bugs on a card pin point. Then I needed help pinning a Velvet Ant. I couldn't penetrate her with a pin. It was so curled up I was afraid to move her around to pin it. I thought I would damage it. Boy was I wrong. She bent 2 pins trying to stick her! I was told that they sting and it's a very painful sting. They can be found in pastures and long grass areas. It is actually quite a beautiful insect.

These insects are wasps, not ants. Females are wingless and covered with dense hair, superficially resembling ants. The red velvet-ant is the largest velvet-ant species, reaching about 3/4 inch in length. They are black overall with patches of dense orange-red hair on the thorax and abdomen.

Friday- We ran errands in the morning and I planned on doing school afterwards. I had a friend call and we stopped by and visited for awhile. When we came home we just called it a day. Have a blessed day.

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