Monday, December 19, 2011

Week In Review-Week #15

Okay, so I am really behind on my week in review. I will play catch up. As you can image we have been crazy with Dr. appointments. I had an emergency dental procedure which took me out for a day or two. Add that on top of Bug's appointments!

We haven't done any PE either the last two weeks. One day it was cancelled due to the heat not working and last week was because of me having a cracked filling.

Two weeks ago we did Sonlight Core C week #15 and last week was beyond busy. We just did the basics.

I will try and do a basic overview: For our read-out-loud we finished , "The Door in the Wall" The kids and I really enjoyed the whole book. We also completed "Customs and Manners in the Middle Ages". We started "The Cricket in Times Square" last week.

The kids visited Japan, China, and Mongolia in our "Window on the World".  We prayed for the Christians in these countries and found them on the map and stamped our passports.

Then we touched on Marco Polo. The kids are really wanted to know more about him. It wasn't something I could  venture into. Even a mini studies. We traveled from Venice, Italy with him into China into the palace of Kublai Khan. We meet Genghis Khan and learned that his empire was even greater than Alexander the Great.

In science we are studying birds and Owls in particular. I realized that I forgot to order an owl pellet. I dropped the ball there.

We are still in England and all over Medieval Europe. We learned about Richard the Lion heart's brother John who was not in any way like his brother. We learned of the treaty of the Magna Carta and how it protected the rights of the people from its Kings. The people had the right to keep the money they earned and that you couldn't be imprisoned without a fair trail. The Magna Carta made the Kings servants of the people and not the people servants of the King. The kids made signet rings to go along with the Magna Carta and how the majority of  people in Medieval Europe didn't know how to write.

 Little Man's is a fire breathing dragon. We never got around to trying it as a stamp. The kids want to just paint their rings.

Bug's is a flower and the sun. She refused to put it on as a ring. She just said, "YUCK!" It must be a sensory issue.

 For the most part we finished everything. I held off on Sonlight week 16 and we are working on it this week. Have a blessed day.

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