Friday, December 23, 2011

Week In Review-Week #16

We are in Sonlight Core C week #16

Scripture memory this week: We are reviewing all our previous scriptures.

 Our read-out-loud is: The Cricket in Times Square. I have forgotten how fun this book is. I am so glad that the kids are loving it just as much as I did as a child.

We have had a full week without one appointment and no therapy. (next week will make up for it in double portion) Bug wasn't feeling the greatest on Monday so we cancelled. She wanted to do school so I was glad to accommodate her!

Monday- We visited India and learned about how the believers in the country. Little Man was troubled by this country. He wanted to learn more about it so we got out more books and got online to learn more about India. He was sad by the poverty in India and the persecution of believers. We also support a child in that area and I think that is what troubled him so much more. We exchange letters back and forth with a child from the organization Gospel for Asia. It was closer to home having some interaction from someone in India. The kids already knew where India was and then they stamped their passports.

We did lots of math, reading, and phonics today. The kids like the poem book we are reading now, "A Poke in the I" they think it's silly. Not my favorite poetry book.

Last week week we forgot to find Connecticut and New York on the map. ( which they reminded me as we were reading," The Cricket in Times Square") Then we found the flags an put them in our USA passport book.

Tuesday-No PE today. Instead we went to Angkor, Cambodia. Okay not literally but we had fun. We also finished reading," Maps and Globes"

We learned about the invention of gunpowder from China. Then we learned about how eventually it changed warfare with knights and how their armor and swords, and castle walls were no defense against gunpowder.

We revisited Marco Polo again and how when he returned from his travels that Arab sailors brought the compass to Europe. In which the Chinese invented. The sailors were terrified to use the compass at first because they felt it was bewitched. That the magic needle inside the compass was magic and it would bring danger to their voyage. When they finally excepted the compass they were able to discover new lands and sail in all kinds of weather.

We made up a game using the compass. I hid a treasure(candy). I blind folded the kids and gave them a compass. (we practiced learning N,S, E, W) Then told them to find directions after I got them all dizzy with spinning them blind folded. I would yell out go north and so forth. They couldn't see the compass and got lost in the basement. Then I took off the blind fold and then they could see the compass. I told them which  directions they needed to go to find the treasure. The kids had fun and I forgot to take pictures. It was a lot of silliness and laughs.

We read some Hanukkah books and activities for the celebration of Hanukkah that starts Tuesday at sundown.

Wednesday-I decided to double up the work today. We started a unit on weather in science. We didn't get to far. Bug was more interested in the pictures.

Next stop Bali and Indonesia to find about the believers.

In England we did a mini notebook page on the Hundred Year War that began when King Edward III of England wanted to be king over France also. The English won the battle because of a new weapon the long bow. Also how soldiers used cannons for the first time with little effect.

Bug was excited when we met a shepherd girl, Joan of Arc. She put on armor and led the French troops to victory. Then she was captured and taken to England to be burned at the stake as a witch. We watched a mini show on You Tube on John of Arc.

Then we did more Hanukkah activities and then picked up my Princess6(my former daycare girl) from school. Little Man was very excited to have her come over. He misses her a whole bunch. She will be with use tomorrow and a few days next week.

Thursday- I started or day off with bible. I read a story about the Maccabees. Then I surprised the kids by showing them a cartoon movie online about the Maccabees. We then played dreidel and I told them to go play afterwards. They played with Princess6 and the new toys they have gotten from Hanukkah.

Friday-The grandparents came over Thursday night to celebrate Hanukkah with us and they brought them lots of gifts. Today would be a very tearful day if I even attempted to do school which I knew before hand and doubled up and made for a light week. Today they can make their own adventure and have fun playing.

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