Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Better late than not saying anything-right! I have been missing in action lately. We finished off and have began the New Year running. We have been super busy.

My beloved had been off for 10 days. His job was shut down during the holidays. We were able to get some much needed things done around the house. Unfortunately, we didn't accomplish everything we had on our, "to do list." We did get some things that really needed our attention done. Jeff also had occupied the computer a lot during his days off. Preparing lessons to teach on for our congregation. Getting paper work together for taxes and such. He cleaned out his whole desk and file area. I haven't had a chance to get online to much with him being here. Usually he isn't that bad with the computer He needed to do several things. I realized how much I rely on the computer during his time off. Not to mention how much I like to play on the computer!!!

Bug managed to still have lots of appointments. I had planned on doing some school during this time. That never happened. The schoolroom looks like a disaster. I hadn't stepped into the classroom for over a week and the kids must of had lots of fun playing in it.
This is the cleaner version. The kids had already been cleaning up. The trash is overflowing with paper and snack wrappers. Books all over the floor and into the family room area. They love the classroom and spend a lot of time in it. They like to draw, color, glue, look at books, and even watch some movies on the computer.

We had my Princess6 daycare girl over her winter break. The kids were just to excited to have her around for several days to play with. Little Man was sad yesterday when I told him that yesterday was her last day for awhile.

I hope everyone has a blessed 2012.

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