Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kansas Aviation Museum Field Trip

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Kansas Aviation Museum. The kids had a blast exploring all the airplanes. They had lots of history on the airplane. Not to mention both real airplanes and models.

They enjoyed being in the control tower and looking out on the airplanes and the view of the city.
Bug thought you'd be crazy to be in this basket with a big balloon carrying you. Smart girl!
This plane had a bat that they used as the throttle. The kids couldn't go in the planes. It sure is tempting for a 6 year old boy!
It was so windy outside. Bug thought she was going to blow away.
The kids got to play inside the cock pit and press lots of buttons.
"Mom can we come back with Daddy!"," I want to play in here with him." He loved being at the co-pilot seat and wish he would of known the other side was the pilots seat. Better luck next time.
V room, such fun!
"MOMMY", "I am stuck!" Hee hee! I had to help her out. The wind was making her joints stiff and hurt from her arthritis.
Happy kids! We had lots of fun.
Then we ended the day playing the stimulator over the city of Wichita. Little Man landed his plane smoothly.
Then Bug had a meltdown. Our tour guy seen it was 12:10 and he was over due for his lunch. He just turned it off and left. Bug didn't get a chance to fly. She was the last one waiting. To bad because she would of only taken a minute or two. I don't think she would of kept it up that long in the air. She didn't understand why he didn't let her fly it. So, she had a meltdown. Mommy had an embarrassed moment. I am glad we were the last one left and no one seen the drama. I was sad for her. Then I distracted her with a granola bar and all ended well with smiling faces. Never a dull moment.

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