Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Son is a Genesis! He Solved a Major Problem

My Son is a Genesis. Well, maybe not a genesis. He has gotten lots of thanks from his mom.

Socks are no longer my dreaded nemesis. Anyone who has been following my blog for awhile knows that Bug has sensory issues. Socks are very difficult to get on her without lots of screaming and crying from her. It usually takes a couple of tries getting them just right. She takes them off and I put them back on. So we repeat this a couple of times every time we need to go somewhere.

I practically pounce on her in morning while she is in bed to get her socks on so she doesn't have a chance to wake up and  process that socks are on her feet. Yes, socks hurt her feet. The seams are like nails to her. Then the strings and balls of fuzz drive her crazy and she informs me that they hurt her. 

I dream of being able to afford seamless socks. Then when I go to the website to order them. I stop dreaming and the cost of $7.00 for a pair of socks makes me cringe and I may then just shed a few tears. So I deal with the drama of the socks and pants and other sensory issues.
 Then the other day ago I notice that Little Man had his socks inside out. When I pointed it out he told me, "he knows they are on the wrong way"and "that the strings keep catching on his toe nails and it was bugging him." It was a new pair of socks with lots of stuff hanging from them. He told me, "that I should turn Bug's socks the wrong way" then he informed me, "then she won't feel the seams and the strings."
Why didn't I think of something so simple! I no longer have to pounce on her to get socks on her feet. She can't feel the seams or the strings, and the balls of fuzz. I don't dream of buying seamless socks anymore.

Through the eyes of a child. We complicate things and forget to look outside of the box for a solution. Now both Bug and mom are happy. Too bad I couldn't turn all of her clothes inside out! I'll just dream of seamless pants now. Yes, they make seamless pants and shirts!

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