Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week In Review-Week #23

We are in Sonlight Core C week #23

Scripture memory this week:

We are reviewing all our previous scriptures. Bug does extremely well remembering the scriptures verses. Which truly surprised me considering all the other things she struggles to remember. God has truly given my Bug a gift of remembering His word. Little Man gets a few of them all mangled and mixed together. He gets so frustrated that Bug remembers them so quickly. I have to remind him often that I struggle in this area also.


We are still doing, "The Narrow Way" by the Parables. Still on the topic of faith. We also did a little bit of Proverbs People Book 1 this week.


We are still reading, "White Stallion of Lipissa" by Marguerite. We were suppose to finish it and start another book. Due to a busy schedule it didn't happen. 

For our poetry "Aesop's Fables" and "A Poke in the I".

 Physical Education

Yet, again PE didn't happen this week. Mom has been out of commission this week. I pulled my back out and driving was not an option when turning your neck is difficult. The kids played with the scooters, mini trampoline, and a few other things this week.

Yep no therapy's on Monday thanks to mom. By Thursday I was feeling better and we did go to Horse Therapy. Bug has such good balance which is amazing in it's self. She has very low core strength. This always amazes her therapist with her balance control. 4 weeks and counting much to Bugs dismay.

Window on the World

The kids visited several cultures this week: Garifuna in South America. Baloch in the Pakistan region, and the Hazara in Afghanistan. We located then on our wall map and stamped our Passports.

 History & Geography
We are still in Western Europe for history. The kids learned about the greediness of the kings. How many thought it was their Divine Right of the king to do, have, and rule the way they felt was best for the people.  Which the English people decided to fight for their rights.

King Charles was beheaded. Then along came Charles l, and James l.

We met Oliver Cromwell who was very religious and strict and yet he ruled England well until is death. His son was horrible and resigned as he was unable to rule as his father did.

Then came Charles II who was invited by the English people to rule them. What a mistake that the English soon began to regret. He was revengeful and punished anybody who had part in beheading King Charles.

The good that came out of these horrible kings was that in 1668 king and queen William and Mary signed an agreement called the Bill of Rights, which in turn gave Parliament to be the ruler of the people.

We played the Black Plaque game again after in returned to England in 1665. 

We hopped over to Russia in 1700,s and met Peter the Great and how he brought Russia up to date in the world. No longer was it a backward nation. Peter improved the laws, started schools, built factories, and hospitals.

We skipped Kansas history this week. 

Little Man worked on landforms. I found a great app for the iPad to go along with this study. It is by Nth Fusion-Landforms.  This week we are learning about islands and peninsula.
Then Bug heard it and joined us for the rest of the study.
You can find this app here. It's a reasonable price .99 and has 17 landforms. Each section has subtopics and challenging questions at the end. It will go into types of animals and plants found in each landforms. Fun app for kids.

Lastly, Bug finished up her unit on Oregon. Next stop we are heading to California.


My kids are very gracious and we put a hold on science this week. I had a hard time this week with my back. 


Bug did go to Entomology this week. She had a surprise. A former student who is now in college cleared out one of his mom's freezer and brought his bugs for the students to take home. He had 4 large coolers full of bugs! Can you imagine! His mom couldn't believe how much space she has in her freezer. I have never seen so many insects in my life. Not to mention frozen ones. 

The Bugs are pretty brittle so I am going to have to re-hydrate them to pin them. We left with around 100 insects. I had to put a short leash on Bug because she was so excited and wanted everything.

We got many interesting Kansas species ladybugs, monarch butterflies, zebra butterfly, and several swallow tails. Not to mention dragon flies, dobson flies, walking sticks, beetles, cicadas, and everything in between. We were able to get male and female species on several of them.

So as Bug is learning about her passion of Bugs. Mom is learning more about bugs than I ever really cared for. Then I see her face and it doesn't matter how I feel. I will learn to identify the males and females. Which species and later on the classifications and subgroups and all the other bug related facts for her.

My freezer is full and I have a lot of pinning to do!! Good thing spring is a few weeks away. I better get busy.

Language Arts, Math, and Misc Studies

Art didn't happen this week either. We did accomplish grammar, spelling, reading, writing, and Math.

Bug worked on money and time concepts a lot this week. She did review in skip counting, and addition facts.

Little Man did adding, skip counting, before, after concepts in his curriculum this week. 

Both kids begged me to work on Hebrew which I was planning on putting it on the sidelines this week. How could I say no.

We got more than I thought this week considering how bad I felt. Thank goodness for that.

I missed doing our 100 day activity because of a Dr.  appointment. I promised the kids to make it up next week.

Friday Bug met with her arthritis specialist and I found out that she is diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I don't know how I missed that or if she even told me that when we where in Kansas City. All in all it went good. We are able to control her pain overall. We are taking off her medication for 2 weeks as she has had some strange symptoms. We are trying to figure out if the medication is causing some of the rarer side affects. The next 2 weeks will be tough for Bug so keep her in your prayers that the pain is not so bad. Tylenol just doesn't take away all the pain.

Have a blessed week.

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