Monday, February 27, 2012

Week In Review-Week #24

I actually started this post on Friday and I am still behind my schedule of getting my Week-in-review out by Saturday. I tried.

We are in Sonlight Core C week #24

Scripture memory this week:
John 14:6 


We are still doing "The Narrow Way" by the Parables. We also revisited "Grapevine Bible Study" this week.


We finished reading, "Peter the Great" We also got silly and read, "I know and Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly"
We were suppose to start another book, "Twenty-one Balloons". Due to a busy schedule it didn't happen. I know I sound like a broken record always saying, "busy schedule"

For our poetry "Aesop's Fables" and "A Poke in the I".
 Physical Education

Yet, again PE didn't happen this week. This time it was because the PE instructor was sick. We actually had nothing to do with it. Surprisingly. 

This week Bug had Speech Therapy. Occupational and Physical Therapy were canceled by the therapist. 
Bug did do Horse Therapy. She got the joy of being on the horse and it trotting at a slower pace. It was fun watching her. She was laughing out loud and making all kinds of joyful sounds. She kept asking the therapist, "more horsey running." It was a hoot watching her. 
Window on the World
This week the kids visited the Buryat in Siberia. They learned about how the culture and the believers. 
Next stop was Kyrgyzstan and the Kyrgyuz. The kids found out that this region was once under The Soviet Rule. This group  of people understood the scriptures when related to the various stories of shepherds and how God is the Good Shepherd. 
Last visit was to Qatar and that being a believer in this country is not easy. Afterwards we talked about a current event going on in Iran with Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, who is facing the death penalty, how he refuses to convert to Islam and he won't deny Yeshua to save his life. The kids prayed for him and the countries we visited. We located the places on the map and stamped our passports.

History & Geography
Most of our history was spent in Russia with Peter the Great. The kids met Frederick the Great in 1750 in Prussian which is now part of modern day Germany. 
Fredrick was a great military leader and solider. Was not good with Foreign relations. He was a good and fair leader  to his country and treated them as they were his own children.

We touched on the art of the Habsburgs briefly and looked at the art that was made when this family ruled.
I put Bug's California unit study on hold this week. Little Man didn't do his Geography on landforms either.

We finished up or weather unit with learning about ways we use nature to create electricity. We learned the basics of hydroelectric power, solar power, and wind farms which we have seen some here in Kansas. 
Then the kids wanted me to read another book about Tornado's. They are quite interested in them. Might be time for a lapbook!

Language Arts, Math, and Misc Studies
In Hebrew this week the kids got introduced to their first vowels. Continued to practice writing and sounding out the Alef Bet.
We were able to get all of our planned Math, grammar, writing, and phonics done this week Yea!!!
We had two field trips this week. The first one was a mini trip. A lady from her congregation works in the insect exterminating business and knew of a business who had a collection of Tarantulas spiders and Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. 
Bug brought home some souvenirs. Two skins of the critters. I didn't realize that they molt or sometimes make webs. I can handle the skins just not the live ones. Luckily she has no interest in having coach-roaches or tarantulas as pets. She did remind me of the beehive again.

Our next field trip was Little Mans favorite: Trains! We visited the Transportation Museum. Which is full of trains to climb into. 

The kids favorite was this 1938 Santa Fe steam Engine.

They even got to explore the inside and and blow the horn.

Have a blessed week. May the Lord bless you and keep you this week.

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