Sunday, March 25, 2012

Horse Therapy

Last week Bug finished her Horse Therapy with much sadness. She begged me to take lots of pictures of her and Lollipop. Hopefully in the near future we can take it up again.
I have been pleased with some of the results I have seen during the last 7 weeks.Her regularly weekly therapists who have worked with her for years are impressed and very pleased.
Bug has been striking her heel much more instead of toe walking all the time. Bugs physical therapist has even asked me to take her out of her leg braces for awhile and she has been walking beautifully. It has taken some of the strain off her legs with her not walking on her tips of her toes. Which is one reason why she wears the AFO's. We are so very pleased. I don't quite understand how horse therapy helps this. All the therapist have said that some strange things happen to these kiddos while doing Horse Therapy. I believe it after all the years of trying to fix this. Some kids pop back up after awhile and others don't. Time will only tell.
The other thing we have noticed is hand to eye coordination has improved a lot. While doing the Horse Therapy Bug had to throw the ball while on the horse to the therapist and then they would play catch back and forth while the horse is walking. Bugs PT is very impressed with her new and improved trowing and catching skills.

She is also doing things like jump roping better without all the body lag. Coordination has improved with many activities. Just simple task that we take for granted have been greatly improved since the last 7 weeks. Some of the task have been ones we have worked on for years. All because of sitting on a horse. I am amazed and confused at the same time. Sitting on a horse!!!!!!
Even her posture has been holding much better. She looks like a princess sitting rather than slouching over as much. It has really worked on her torso strength. Which is a low tone area for her. Kids like Bug with severe hypotonia really benefit and work their muscles during horse therapy. That is just to name a few things. Yet, I don't understand how sitting on a horse does it.
Bug trotting on Lollipop one last time. All the while she is yelling, "run Lolly, run faster, aaaaaaahyaaaaaaho!" I need a better camera cause this pictures doesn't look to good. Which I am saving up for and almost ready to get one!! Oops sorry I got of the subject.

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