Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How Do Your Kids Respond About School to Others?

I don't know what it is lately but the kids have been getting all kinds of questions about school lately from strangers? We are always on the go with appointments and other commitments here lately. I have to say their response makes me wonder if we need to fine tune them in their wording. We get the jaw drop look.

Yesterday, for example at swimming lessons on of the swim teachers asked Little Man, "how was school today?" He told her, "We stayed up late Sunday night and didn't get to bed until after 11 o'clock and my mommy decided that we didn't need to go to or do school today."

She responded, "Oh your mommy just let you stay home because of that?"

Little Man said, "Yea we do that sometimes and we and we take off whenever we want to."

I had to chuckle because it sounded horrible. Yes, we take off when needed and when we are exhausted. We still complete the requirements for our state.

Last week the kids got asked if they, "had no school today with some commit about not knowing the schools were out from this person."

Little Man said, "We did just a few things at home and shelved the rest". Followed by an awkward look from this lady. In which mommy decided that the shelved stuff we could hold off on for another day.

Bug on the other hand isn't as detailed and will almost tell everyone, "We are homeschooled and have lots of fun and I learn so much." But she may tell them, "I don't have to get on that big scary yellow school bus like other kids do and take me far away from mommy." Which I am not sure how I feel about her saying that because it does sound odd.

Sometimes they get asked, "where do you go to school?" They may get and answer somewhere along the lines of, "at home" or "in our basement" and so on.

The kids have been bombarded with all kids of questions like this this year and the last few weeks have been so frequent.

My thought is teaching to say our school name when asked questions. They can respond by saying, "we go to school at Ha Melech Yeladim" It just doesn't sound so bad.

Why do I worry, I don't know it just sounds so bad when they respond the way they do. As far as the other question maybe something like, "we are off today or we had a short day"

I am curious if others have had to deal with this or does it really matter to you how your kids respond. Do you help your kids with fine tuning their answers?

I love homeschooling but my kids make it sound like we do nothing. I don't want others to think we are slackers in homeschooling. Or that this is the standard of homeschooling.

We accomplish a lot in school. The kids work hard the majority of the days. Not only that but schooling is for the most part done around 1:00. That gives us a lot of time to go places if needed so we can spend time with daddy after work. I don't think I should stay home during the school district hours it just absurd to me. I want to get things done before other start getting out after work or school to get home and hopefully have a non-eventful evening with family.

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  1. We are trying to get our blessing to say she attends a very small private school. If pressed for an answer we tell her to say "Zion Academy." General enough to stop people in their tracks or they ask if it is an online school and I tell her to say yes. That seems to shut most people up :)

    On a more serious note, we have to be careful these days because one word to the "wrong" person is all it takes for that anonymous phone call to be made and you end up in heap of trouble.


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