Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Awesome Science with Noah Justice

Explore the Grand Canyon DVD and study guide
Explore Yellowstone DVD and study guide

One of the may reason we have chosen to homeschool our children is to provide them with an education that doesn't go against the biblical view. I love it when I can enrich their learning with such a wonder resources like Awesome Science. 
Noah Justice is your tour guide in the videos. He will talk about how the Grand Canyon was carved out in just days rather than millions of years as evolutionary scientists claim. In Exploring Yellowstone you will see how the scientific evidence points toward the Geologic Column being created by Global Flood of Noah's days and much more.
You will see the scientific evidence for how the layers upon layers of rock and sediment had been laid down in less than a year. All of the information provided supports the Bible's Genesis account as a literal seven-day creation process and also supports the Bible's account of a world-wide flood.

Noah shows how the fossil layers were created rapidly during the global flood of Noah's time and not over millions and millions of years as evolutionists believe.

Noah will show you the super-volcanoes of Yellowstone and their part in shaping the world in post-flood days and also gives scientific support for how Yellowstone's petrified forests were formed in just a few years rather than millions of years.

Each video is 30 minutes long. Noah is fun,energetic and his enthusiastic is contagious. Noah makes the learning fun. The scenery makes you want to pack up your bags and head out to the parks. Your kids will absolutely love it.

Come and join Noah as he tours many of the world's most famous geological sites and shows how their origins line up perfectly with the biblical account of the flood and also with a young earth creationist worldview. 
I was given the study guide to look through and review. I would say this is more suited for older kids/teens. I also feel that you can adjust it easily enough for younger kids without to much hassle. The study guide that accompanies the DVD includes word lists, key concepts, Fill in the blank section, true and false section, and a Biblical study guide and much more. The questions are centered around the movie and the guide is well thought out and a good companion for the DVD series. 
My only complaint is the size of the book. As a homeschooler with many books I would of loved to see a larger book so it doesn't get lost in my books. If not a full size then some way to fit inside the video DVD case. The DVD is $14.99 and the Study Guide $3.99.
In addition to the two DVD titles I reviewed, there are currently four others in the series including: Explore Meteor Crater and Petrified Forest, Explore Yosemite and Zion National Parks, Explore Mt. St. Helen’s, and Explore John Day Fossil Beds.

Disclaimer: I provided a copy of this DVD from New Leaf Publishing Group/Master Books for free in order to write this review. All thoughts and opinions are mine and were not subject to editing from the publisher.

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