Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer Break and Changes

I have to say this year I am very excited for summer break. Last summer we didn't get one. Yea, I know not good. Last summer we ended up playing catch up all summer long. Bug had so many things going on medically that I took school into the whole summer. We did take some time off from school~when needed. Noticed how I said, "when needed". Need I say anymore.(Doctors, and more Doctors).

Not this year, I am burnt out and exhausted. I will still do maybe an hour or so a week on the 3 R's. If I don't do something it would be a nightmare trying to get Bug started again next year. She is a schedule person and likes consistency. I'm sure it will be hard for her this summer with her schedule not being like it is in the school year.

I also plan on doing a few science experiments. Lots of Bug hunting, beehives and exploring the great outdoors.

As far as curriculum being completed! No, I still have a few lose ends. Bug isn't going to complete her Bob Jones English & Grammar 3 this year. We are around 3/4 complete. I will work on it a little and what we don't finish we will take into next year. I can't believe I am doing it but I am at peace with my decision.

She also has a few Lifepac History Geography 3. She has 4 units left. She has asked if we could do them this summer. That is something that will not take to much time out of the day.

Little Man has a math telling the time book that is not complete. Other than that he is going to finish up everything. I will work on reading, writing, and math during our review time this summer with him.

This is my last month watching my daycare princesses. I am not able to do it anymore. My schedule is so crazy, school is more complex with Bug. I feel like I neglect my kids academically in certain areas due to me watching them. It's also time for the youngest one to start school next year. I was originally planning on watching both girls this summer for the last time.

With much prayer I felt that I needed to no longer watch my daycare girls. This last year has been such an exhausting year, I am getting older, holding my Princess3 is harder on my back, and life is just so much more busier than it has been in the past. I need to make changes and give up something. Of course, me homeschooling my kids is my priority and not something I can let go of.

I also need to plan next years school this summer. I like to plan out all 36 weeks. That is very time consuming. Part of my planning is me getting all my crafts and science experiments put together and ready to go when it is needed. I don't like to get things together at the last minute because with our busy therapy and Doctor schedule those things wouldn't happen. I have a large file box that I have all 36 weeks ready to go. Any miscellaneous school things go into the file box also. I love how Sonlight plans out everything. I just always need to tweak it a little for Bug and to fit into our busy schedule.

I find I have a hard time doing some things with my precious daycare girl as she gets older. She is non-verbal for the most part and doesn't walk (she is 3yrs old). With Bugs special needs and my daycare Princess3's special needs I don't think I can plan my whole 36 weeks at this stage in my life.

I am going to greatly miss my daycare girls as they have been with me since they have been born. One girl is 6 1/2 and the other one is 3. It's going to be hard for the kids also. Mostly Little Man as he adores the 6 year old. He is such a big help with the 3 year old and even his sister to me. I don't know how I would do it without him.

What fun things are we planning on doing?

1. I plan on sleeping in some this summer. Might be wishful thinking on my end as I am an early riser. 

2. I want to start walking with my kids. I have gained some of my weight back that I previously lost.

3. Getting into the beehives a lot more since I am not able to with my daycare Princess3.

4. Lots of planning next years school activities.

5. Organizing my whole house and getting rid of stuff.

6. Painting my bathroom. The paint is coming off in certain areas.

7. Spending more time in the garden and just outside in general.

8. We can't forget bug hunting!

9. Tackle the over crowded school room. With the blessing of someone giving us 4 years of Sonlight curriculum. You can imagine that my books are over flowing everywhere. Not to mention all the non-Sonlight books and manipulatives that she blessed us with.

10. My deck needs some TLC. It needs sanding and a coat of sealant.

11. My blog needs a face lift. I am tired of the way it looks.

12. Find a karate class for Little Man to join.

13. Finish the crochet blanket I started for Bug. Learn how to do a few other things with crocheting.

14. Practice my Biblical Hebrew more while I am waiting in therapy and Doctor appointments.

15. Enjoy some time with the kids and play lots.

We have around 2 1/2 weeks left of school for the year. I am ready for some down time. What are your grand plans for the summer?

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