Monday, August 13, 2012

The Joy of the Lord

I have been silent lately on my blog the last few weeks except for a few scheduled post that I had already planned.

I had surgery on July 30th. I had a hysterectomy done. They didn't remove my ovaries. Which I am grateful it worked out that way. We were not sure if they needed to be removed until they went in. Which I wanted them to remove if it was effected by endometriosis.

 I have suffered from Endometriosis that was unconfirmed until my surgery. My son is truly a miracle along with the in family adoption of my beautiful daughter.

July was a horrible month for me. I was in pain all month long as I had a cycle the whole month. They found a large fibroid during my yearly exam. After the birth of my son I had several years of feeling wonderful. During this last year it was getting worst than I ever remembered. I have always had a high pain tolerance and not many things slow me down. It slowed me down.

 With much prayer I decided that this wasn't worth it anymore. They were able to get me in less than a week for the surgery. I am told it usually takes 3 weeks to get on the schedule. My prayer to the Lord was, "to please not let me wait so long to get this done." I didn't want it to happen in the school year. I was nervous because I have never had any major surgery done.

The healing time has been a very peaceful time for me. I have been so blessed with so much help from my family and my congregation family. My beloved husband has waited on me hand and foot the last two weeks. He has washed dishes, laundry, watched the kids, changed more diapers than he could of imagined with our 9 yr old daughter, and so many things. He has poured out so much tenderness on me that it deeply touched me. It has been a huge sacrifice on his end. He has been so exhausted between work, kids, trying to get the weekly bible studies, and other things at the congregation. I pray everyday that the Lord renews his strength.

Our congregation has brought meals for the last two weeks, helped out with house chores, and helped out with the kids when Jeff had to go back to work. Not to mention with helping to drive me to many of Bug's appointments. August is our busiest month for appointments. It's the specialist that take a year to get into. Canceling any of them just was not an option. I always try to get them scheduled before school starts up. For the rest of the month people will continue to take us to her appointments. Not because I can't drive but because I have a special needs child that I can't push or pick up if needed.

I have done a lot of praying this month. Not my regular reading as my mind has been a little fuzzy from the medication. Lots of sleeping! I have been so blessed by the sacrifice so many have made for our family. It has brought such joy to my heart. During this time I have truly had the joy of the Lord. Not something I expected.

I was originally going to start school this week. I am thinking it will most likely began next week if I am able to. If not then I will not worry about it. All the books will still be there.

My kids have watched more videos and cartoons than they every have. It's okay it is what has been needed for my healing. My daughter wouldn't of fared well with such a drastic schedule change if it wasn't for the diversion of the movies and such. Now I am slowly trying to break her from the overload! It was much needed to do this as my daughter is high maintenance.

Thank you Lord for this time of showing me the kindness of others and refreshing me in an a way I didn't expect.

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