Saturday, September 15, 2012

Week in Review-Week # 3- 2012-2013

We had a good week. I love it when it goes smoothly. 

We are in Sonlight Core D week # 3

Scripture Memory this week: 
James 4:17


This week we are reading
The Akedah, or"Binding of Isaac", from Genesis 22: 1-19 of Abraham, at the command of God, taking his son, Isaac, to be offered as a sacrifice on Mount Moriah.  Abraham binds his son (hence "the Binding of Isaac") to the altar and is ready to perform the deed when an angel appears to tell him to stay his hand. Provides a ram instead. We are preparing ourselves for Yom Terauh or better known as Rosh Hashanah.
We have been reading several Psalms for the month of Eluh.


We are reading, "Walk the World's Rim", by Betty Baker and "Pedro's Journal" by Pam Conrad.

For our poetry, "A Child's Introduction To Poetry" by Michael Driscoll. 

Physical Education
We have put PE on hold this semester so we can catch our breath after so much busyness. 

Therapy and Appointments
Bug had Speech Therapy this week and half way through threw up. So I canceled her other therapies for the day. I knew she wasn't sick. It was medicine related that she didn't eat enough and it upset her stomach. 

Bug started back in Horse Therapy this week. Lollipop,  her therapy horse got a Mohawk. It was cute. The therapist did this so the kids with sensory issues could feel all the different textures from his mane. Bug loved it.

American Indian Prayer Guide

This week we prayed and learned about the Powhatan Indians. We learned about Pocahontas. Which the kids informed me was different from the Disney movie. Kids are so fun!

History & Geography

We are still learning about Christopher Columbus. We made boats Santa Marie, Nina, and the Pinta.
 This was a simple and quick craft. The bottom of the boat is from an egg carton. We made the sails out of toothpicks and glued paper on them. We broke the tooth picks to make different heights. Added clay into the egg cartons. I was originally planning on having them paint the egg cartons brown but, we run out of time. The kids wrote the names of the ships on the sail.

 Language Arts, Math, and Misc Studies

 Math, Language Arts are going good at this time. Little Man is learning nouns and some basic grammar rules.

We went on our first field trip and it got cut short. We went to the zoo and it started pouring 2 hours into the zoo. We got drenched! I am glad to see the rain after such a hot dry summer.
  It was a bit chilly with the temperatures in the 60's. The animals loved it and were so active.
 The zoo day was sponsored by our local homeschool organization here in Wichita. We had several classes. This particular class was about creatures that live in the ocean an that visit the beaches.
 In the jungle. It was nice and warm in here. To bad we weren't around here when the rain started.
Bug trying to find the different birds in the jungle.

 Real Science 4 Kids Biology 1 got put on the shelf this week. The kids don't understand it and just dislike it a lot. I see no reason to continue at this point. I don't usually do this when they don't like something but it was way over their heads at this point.

We started reading," Mystery and Marvels of Nature" the kids love it. Afterwards we watched Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution.

Have a blessed weekend.

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